Server IP and Downloads (PC & Mobile)

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Server IP and Downloads (PC & Mobile)

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Welcome to GTA Pinas! In order to finally play in our server, you can find below, all the different files you need to download to play either on PC or mobile. We hope to see you on the inside!

For PC players, here is the link where you can download SAMP:

This is the server's current official IP address. Use this to connect:
Server IP address: or


GTA Pinas V10 APK(LITE included) and Data:
1. ... // V10 w/ AIMLOCK(LITE)


3. V10 Lite ... // LITE

GTA Pinas official V11 : ... a.rar/file

Universal Voice Chat Micmic tutorial:

Note: Make sure to remove the ''#''name sign on your settings.ini

Para makapag-simula ka na agad sa paglalaro ng GTA Pinas, humanap kami ng mga influences upang gumawa ng tutorial kung pano iinstall ang GTA Pinas!

Mic Mic Tutorial & SneakPeak :

Chowkiee TV Tutorial :

MRPaul Tutorial :

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